Monday, June 2, 2008

My google maps

Google Maps thumbnail of my Saraburi mapI have been creating some maps for postings to this blog before using Google Maps, which are easy to embed into the posts. But in case you want to see all these maps together, including those which haven't been featured in a blog post yet, you can simply look at my Google Maps profile. As most of these maps are incomplete - obviously they only contain those places I could pinpoint on a map - any help in completing them is welcome. As it's possible to collaborate on a map by several users, though sadly not in a real wiki sense like in Wikimapia, anyone who wants help to make these maps more authoritative is welcome, just contact me and I will add you to the collaborators for those maps you like to edit.

It's a pity the team at hasn't yet added the ability to add a georeference to single log postings, as it would be quite nice to have those blog postings which can be pinpointed to a specific place displayed in a map automagically - especially useful for my travel blog. But as they did this for YouTube, another site owner by Google, I guess it won't take that long till that feature will show up here as well. Geotags within a RSS feed with the GeoRSS standard is nothing new anymore...

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