Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gazette announcement with a missing page

As mentioned before I am currently working to get a complete list of the Tambon administrative organizations, quite a big task - as of January 2008 its 6500 entities, plus some which have become municipality or have been merged into a municipality or a neighboring TAO. I have already done the complete south, but now I come into the central part I have a problem: the PDF with the announcement of the TAO creations in 1996 has one page missing. Within the TAO of Suphanburi, the index jumps from 1789 to 1808, as page 184 is not within the PDF. If someone from the Royal Gazette online archive is reading - a new scan with that page included would be nice. The fact that page 35 of the 1995 TAO creations is twice in the PDF is just a shale replacement.

Luckily I have a Excel sheet with the TAO as of 2007, so I could reconstruct the TAO which have been on the missing page. Th 20 missing TAO are from the districts Bang Pla Ma (10), Nong Ya Sai (4), Don Chedi (5) and Sam Chuk (1). Only the indexes I could not reconstruct, I am not sure what is the sorting of the entries.

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