Thursday, June 12, 2008

Board meeting postings

I had prepared one more posting on the board meetings since the end of last fiscal year, but now I decided that I won't clutter this blog with the old news any further. In fact, I even noticed I accidentally had posted one report twice already as I was jumping around between old and new issues, and the postings are sorted by the posting date and not the meeting date.

So to have these postings preserved in a more sensible way, I have started a new blog named ThesabanUpdates, where I will repost all the board meeting postings, using the date of the meeting as the posting date, and also set the provinces which it concerns as labels. Hopefully I can finish this reposting before there are new transcripts to work through. So this new blog is in fact simply the archive of these special kinds of postings. Any new report will get posted in both here and the new blog, while when I find the time to work through one of the older transcripts - the website goes back till 2004 - these will only show up in the new blog. But since I think have all the relevant information for my spreadsheet from the municipality changes till the end of fiscal year 2007 this is something with a rather low priority.

I think the postings on older meetings are not of that much interest, even though the Thai names of the municipalities within them work well to attract Thai readers here, and thus hopefully one day will guide someone here who'd be able and willing to assist me.

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