Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Muban creations in the Royal Gazette

I had been adding the Royal Gazette announcements concerning the villages (muban) into my scope of thing to monitor recently, as you could see by the so far two rename announcements of this year on them. Though I have only processed those on Surat Thani in detail, and will probably let the others rest for quite some time as there are still many announcements on higher level entities left to process, something odd turned out. It seems like there were no village related announcements before 2002, but since then up to 200 each year. Did they change the title of these announcements - it is now ตั้งและกำหนดเขตหมู่บ้าน (create and specify area of village), but even with variations I did not find anything older. Or did these changes in the past simply did not make it into the Gazette?

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