Thursday, June 19, 2008

Muban rename in Surin province

Published today in the Royal Gazette are two announcement renaming villages (muban) in Surin Province.

Volume 125, Issue 70 ง on Page 156 is the rename of village 1 of subdistrict Samut, Prasat district, from Ban Ta Tuan (บ้านตาตวน) to Ban Thung Mon Tawan Ok (บ้านทุ่งมนตะวันออก).

Volume 125, Issue 70 ง on Page 157 is the rename of village 16 of subdistrict Dan, Kap Choeng district, from Ban Noi Phatthana (บ้านน้อยพัฒนา) to Ban Mai Rue Thong (บ้านใหม่เรือทอง).

Both name changes were already effective as of April 25, the same date they were approved for publication.

In both cases the announcements state that the rename was done because the village community voted in favor of the change, for the first one it additionally states that the old name is meaningless and has no historic roots, for the second that the new name is historically more correct.

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