Monday, June 20, 2011

Rename of Tambon Nong Kheng, Bueng Kan

Published in the Royal Gazette last Thursday, one subdistrict in Bueng Kan has been assigned a new name. Nong Kheng (หนองเข็ง) in Mueang Bueng Kan district has been renamed to Non Sawang (โนนสว่าง), probably as of the date the announcement was signed, March 4 2011. As it is written in the announcement
เนื่องจากมีชื่อซ้ำกับบ้านหนองเข็ง หมู่ที่ ๓ ตําบลหอคํา อําเภอบึงกาฬ จังหวัดหนองคาย ทำให้เกิดความสับสนในการประสานงานและติดต่อราชการซึ่งได้รับความเห็นชอบจากคณะกรรมการหมู่บ้านสภาเทศบาลตําบลหนองเข็งนายอําเภอบึงกาฬ และผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัด

Because the name is duplicate with Ban Nong Kheng, Mu 3 of Ho Kham subdistrict, Bueng Kan district, Nong Khai province, which creates confusion in coordination and contacting government service. Therefore received positive opinion from the village committee, municipal council of Nong Kheng, head district officer of Bueng Kan and the province governor of Nong Khai.
The change was then approved by the committee on name changes in their 5th meeting of 2010 on December 23, and the announcement signed by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Vichien Chavalit (วิเชียร ชวลิต) on March 4 2011. As the province Bueng Kan was created March 22, this announcement therefore still places the subdistrict into Nong Khai province.

The reason why the name Non Sawang was chose is quite easy - the first of the Muban in the subdistrict is named Ban Non Sawang, in fact none of the Muban of the subdistrict is named Nong Kheng. But originally, the name was chose correctly - Ho Kham subdistrict was created in 1975 [Gazette] by splitting off 8 Muban from Nong Kheng, including the Muban which gave the subdistrict its name. Thus in fact this rename does fix the confusing naming created in 1975, when they should have given the name Nong Kheng to the subdistrict containing the corresponding Muban.

There will probably be a second announcement on this rename later, as I guess that the subdistrict municipality Nong Kheng (เทศบาลตำบลหนองเข็ง) will be renamed accordingly as well.

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