Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rename of Muban in Phayao

Today, the rename of one administrative village in Phayao province was announced in the Royal Gazette [Gazette]. Village 11 of Sop Bong subdistrict, Phu Sang district has been renamed from Ban Pa Sak (บ้านป่าสัก) to Ban Mai Don Tan (บ้านใหม่ดอนตัน). The rename was decided in the meeting 5/2011 of the board to consider name changes on December 23 2010. The announcement was subsequently signed by the province governor of Phayao on March 17 2011.

The announcement only gives a very short rationale of the rename, stating that the new name fits better geographically and is also justified by the history of the village. Sadly, the website of the municipality Sop Bong does not include any history of their constituent villages, thus I can only guess that maybe village 11 was in past split off from village 1, which is named Ban Don Tan (บ้านดอนตัน). Only thing I can find out is that the village was created after 1998, as in the 1998 subdistrict area definition it wasn't listed yet. Interestingly, some pages including ThaiTambon list village 11 by the name Ban Mai Pa Sak (บ้านใหม่ป่าสัก). The word "mai" for "new" would suggest that it is somehow related with a village named Pa Sak, but it only has a village with that name in neighboring Pa Sak district.

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