Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Municipal changes in fiscal year 2011

With the lack of the meeting transcripts, the earliest I was expecting to know the complete municipal changes in this fiscal year (which started in October 2010) when the Department of Local Administration compiles their annual report and posts it on their local administration data page. Normally this happens around the end of the fiscal year, so it was quite surprising that already today a new word document was added to that page, which contains the whole list of municipal changes from October 1 2010 till June 20 2011. I can only suspect that no further changes are planned till October, maybe due to the forthcoming election - or they will update the document again later. Anyway, in the table below I list them all sorted by their date of becoming effective, including links to this blog and the Royal Gazette in case the change was announced already. Only the two latest ones are still pending the announcement in the Royal Gazette.

October 8TAO Du Tai, Nan to subdistrict municipality (ทต.ดู่ใต้)Blog, Gazette
October 28TAO Bu Kraeng, Surin to subdistrict municipality (ทต.บุแกรง)Blog, Gazette
October 28Ton Pao subdistrict municpality, Chiang Mai to town (ทม.ต้นเปา)Blog, Gazette
November 10Wang Nam Yen subdistrict municpality, Sa Kaeo to town (ทม.วังน้ำเย็น)
includes merge with TAO Wang Nam Yen
Blog, Gazette
November 11Om Noi town, Nakhon Pathom to city (ทน.อ้อมน้อย)Blog, Gazette
February 10Ang Sila subdistrict municpality, Chonburi to town (ทม.อ่างศิลา)Blog, Gazette
April 29Rangsit town, Pathum Thani town to city (ทน.รังสิต)Gazette
May 13Khao Rub Chang subdistrict municpality, Songkhla to town (ทม.เขารูปช้าง)Blog, Gazette
May 26Wichian Buri subdistrict municpality, Phetchabun to town (ทม.วิเชียรบุรี)
June 20Wang Saphung subdistrict municpality, Loei to town (ทม.วังสะพุง)

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