Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday linkage

The Thai Logo Lover blog features emblems, logos as well as Google Doodle from all over the world, but also some official emblems of Thai municipalities. Most notable, there I found the description of the emblem of Surat Thani with the meaning of the elements, including the date it was officially approved, the kind of information I would love to have on all the municipal emblems of Thailand. On the website of the city of Surat Thani I haven't found a bit on their emblem.

So I now know that originally after its creation in 1935 the municipality used the garuda, and on June 1 1939 the emblem was approved by the Ministry of Interior. The wings and anchor stand for the function of Surat Thani as major harbor of southern Thailand. In the middle of the rays is the Thai constitution, symbolizing that the municipality is under the rule of the Thai democracy.

Speaking of the municipal emblems, my reader Ian is now traveling in the deep south, and while in Pattani he took a photo of the emblem of the town Pattani - which is almost identical with the emblem of the province. And on another day he was in Yala, among other things visiting the government complex and the city pillar shrine.

And the final link from other blogs is also about a city pillar shrine, Tom visits the shrine in Khon Kaen and complains about the lack of valuable information on the shrine on the net.

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