Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TAO election results

It seems most of my readers are currently either celebrating Songkhran, or using the holiday week for traveling, or more interested in the political gridlock after the dreadful events last Saturday - but since there are much better political blogs I don't want to touch this complicate topic here. So I just post a small update on the post last Thursday on the TAO by-elections last Sunday.

The website of Nong Bo announces the winners already, and not overly surprising both yellow-carded candidates could win again. However only the names of the winners are given, not the numbers of votes of each of the candidate.
  • Ms. Itsari Tanprathumwong (นางสาวอิสรีย์ ตันประทุมวงษ์) is elected as TAO president
  • Mr. Samai Butchot (นายสมัย บุตรโชติ) is elected as chairman for village 6.
For Hua Pho I cannot give any results, the news section on their website is still only test entries, and the latest at the Suphanburi Election Committee is the list of scheduled local elections in 2009.

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