Friday, April 9, 2010

Geocodes for Galyani Vadhana district

Three months after the district Galyani Vadhana was officially created, the list of codes for the administrative entities was updated accordingly. Though a code for the district was already assigned around 1997 when the district then-named Wat Chan (กิ่งอำเภอวัดจันทร์) was in process of being created, but then abandoned due to the Asian financial crisis. Since Galyani Vadhana district covers exactly the same area as this abandoned minor district, it was only sensible to use the old number 5026 - but for whatever reason DOPA chose 5025 instead, which was in the past assigned to a planned district Wiang Kham (กิ่งอำเภอเวียงคำ). The order of the three subdistricts (Tambon) wasn't possible to know before either, but since it followed the same order as they were mentioned in most new reports I had guessed these numbers correctly.
CodeNameOld code
502501บ้านจันทร์Ban Chan500306
502502แม่แดดMae Daet500309
502503แจ่มหลวงChaem Luang500310
The geocode table from DOPA does not include the villages (Muban), however since I don't think there was any renumbering of the villages within the subdistricts, the codes for them should be easy to guess. So for reference here is the full list of administrative villages in the district.
Ban Chan1บ้านห้วยฮ่อมBan Huai Hom50250101
2บ้านสันม่วงBan San Muang50250102
3บ้านวัดจันทร์Ban Wat Chan50250103
4บ้านหนองเจ็ดหน่วยBan Nong Chet Nuai50250104
5บ้านแจ่มน้อยBan Chaem Noi50250105
6บ้านหนองแดงBan Nong Daeng50250106
7บ้านเด่นBan Den50250107
Mae Daet1บ้านแม่ผาปูBan Mae Pha Pu50250201
2บ้านแม่ตะละ1Ban Mae Tala50250202
3บ้านแม่ตะละใต้Ban Mae Tala Tai50250203
4บ้านแม่แดดน้อยBan Mae Daed Noi50250204
5บ้านห้วยปูBan Huai Pu50250205
6บ้านดงสามหมื่นBan Dong Sam Muen50250206
7บ้านแม่ตะละม้งBan Mae Tala Mang50250207
Chaem Luang1บ้านขุนแม่รวมBan Khun Mae Ruam50250301
2บ้านกิ่วโป่งBan Kio Pong50250302
3บ้านแม่ละอุป2Ban Mae La-up50250303
4บ้านห้วยยาBan Huai Ya50250304
5บ้านห้วยเขียดแห้งBan Huai Khiat Haeng50250305
6บ้านแจ่มหลวงBan Chaem Luang50250306
7บ้านเสาแดงBan Sao Daeng50250307
1 In some sources listed as บ้านแม่ตะละเหนือ (Ban Mae Tala Nuea)
2 Spelled แม่ละอูบ at DOPA, แม่ละอุป at TAO

The interesting question is why they did not choose 5026 as the code for the district. When in 2006 the district Wiang Kao (อำเภอเวียงเก่า) in Khon Kaen received the code 4029, since the codes 4026 to 4028 were assigned to planned districts abandoned in 1997, same as for Chiang Mai the numbers 5025 to 5028. I tried to send an email to DOPA in the vain hope of getting an explanation, but as usual - no reply.

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