Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Province governor transfers in respone to red shirts

As the red shirts are continuing right where the PAD left in 2008 - destroying the country's international reputation and making sure no tourists or investments will come anymore, and descending it deeper and deeper into state of anarchy, now the effects of the red shirt mob rule has reached the topic of this blog as well. Today, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) transferred the head of the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) because he was unable to stop the red shirts from seizing about 30 provincial halls (Sala Klang). I haven't been able yet to find a list of the provinces affected, but guess it will be mostly the northern and northeastern provinces, same as those where the constitution failed in the referendum.

In total, 6 officials were transferred according to an online article by DailyNews.
  1. Phimit Charoenphanit (นายพินิจ เจริญพาณิช), retired Inspector-General.
  2. Wongsak Sawatphani (นายวงศ์ศักดิ์ สวัสดิ์พาณิชย์), director of DOPA transferred to Inspector-General position in MOI.
  3. Monkhon Surasatcha (นายมงคล สุระสัจจะ), director of Community Development Department became new director of DOPA.
  4. Wichian Chavalit (นายวิเชียร ชวลิต), province governor of Surin to become director of Community Development Department
  5. Rapi Phongbupkit (นายระพี ผ่องบุพกิจ), province governor of Sisaket to become province governor of Surin
  6. Kongekwilat Ruchiwatthanaphon (นายกองเอกวิลาศ รุจิวัฒนพงศ์), deputy director in DOPA to become province governor of Sisaket
I don't know whether the other transfers are directly related with any red shirt actions, or it is simply pending promotions done faster to fill the vacancy in the upper management layer.

Note: Please refrain from writing comments to this post not directly related to these transfers, I don't want this blog become yet another battle ground of red vs. yellow vs. any other color.

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