Monday, February 25, 2008

Interesting new blog

Nopphadon has started a blog named Development Strategy, and as he has written his thesis about Research on the Creation of the Community Development Strategy by Participant Community Planning he is quite familiar with the local administration system in Thailand. His most recent posting was a partial translation of the Tambon Council and Tambon Administration Authority Act - just sad that this act is one of the very few which already have an English translation available on the web. But I am really looking forward to what he will put on his blog next.


Michael Br├╝ckner said...

Hi Andy,
hope you know that Dr. Nelson is a Hamburg guy having received his doctorate degree from Bielfeld and now working at King Prajadhipok Institute in Nonthaburi. He is definitively a premium source for information on your interests revealed in this blog and has a bigger library as well.


BTW. I've finished the Brockhaus project today, still excited after having spent 3 1/2 years to compile more than 3,900 articles for German WP.

Andy said...

Yes, I have run across his contributions every now and then, and mentioned him few times already in this blog. Dr. Nelson also occasionally writes at the New Mandala blog. His dissertation is of course also in my library.