Monday, August 19, 2013

DOPA entity numbers 2013

Though it was already published in April, I didn't noticed the annual list of numbers of the administrative entities until few weeks ago. This latest list as of December 31st 2012 states the following numbers.
  • Provinces (Changwat, จังหวัด): 76
  • Districts (Amphoe, อำเภอ): 878
  • Subdistricts (Tambon, ตำบล): 7255 (though I believe the correct number is 7256)
  • Villages (Muban, หมู่บ้าน): 74,963
  • Provincial administrative organizations (PAO, อบจ): 76
  • Municipalities (Thesaban, เทศบาล): 2266
    • Cities (Thesaban Nakhon, เทศบาลนคร): 29
    • Towns (Thesaban Mueang, เทศบาลเมือง): 167
    • Subdistrict municipalities (Thesaban Tambon, เทศบาลตำบล): 2070
  • Subdistrict administrative organizations (TAO, อบต): 5509
  • Special administrative units (องค์กรปกครองส่วนท้องถิ่นรูปแบบพิเศษ): 2
Compared with the data from 2012, there is of course no change in the central administrative units except seven newly created administrative villages (all where published in the Royal Gazette: one in Chumphon, three in Tak, two in Lampang and one in Yala). The number of municipalities increased a lot again by 184, and will do so in this year as well, so I will skip to check those numbers with my data for now and wait till the list of upgrades for this year is complete.

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