Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Three new Muban in Tak

Yesterday the creation of three new administrative villages in the province Tak was announced in the Royal Gazette. Signed by the province governor on October 10, the change became effective October 19.
  • Ban Mae Ku Noi (บ้านแม่กุน้อย), village 7 of Mae Ku subdistrict, Mae Sot district, is split to create village 11 named Ban Mae Ku Burapha (บ้านแม่กุบูรพา).
  • Ban Mae Ku Nuea (บ้านแม่กุเหนือ), village 8 of Mae Ku subdistrict, is split to create village 12 named Ban Mai Don Chomphu (บ้านใหม่ดอนชมภู).
  • Ban Rom Klao Sahamit (บ้านร่มเกล้าสหมิตร), village 5 of Khiri Rat subdistrict, Phop Phra district, split to create village 13 named Ban Rom Klao Charoen Suk (บ้านร่มเกล้าเจริญสุข).
Minor note - this time the coordinates in the announcement are given as full MGRS coordinates, e.g. ๔๗Q MU ๕๗๓๕๘ ๔๐๐๓๒. Normally the 47Q at beginning is omitted, as it is obvious which UTM zone is meant.

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