Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Area transfer between TAO and Thesaban Pa Ko Dam

Boundary as of 2012
Another municipal change was announced yesterday, the transfer of some area of the TAO Pa Ko Dam (องค์การบริหารส่วนตำบลป่าก่อดำ) to be added to the municipality Pa Ko Dam (เทศบาลตำบลป่าก่อดำ) [Gazette municipality, Gazette TAO].

When the sanitary district of Pa Ko Dam was created in 1992 [Gazette], it covered the most densely populated area around Phayon Yothin highway, not taking care of the subdistrict boundaries. Thus the sanitary district did cover parts of the subdistrict Pa Ko Dam as well as smaller parts of Chom Mok Kaeo. Later in the 1990s, decentralization became the new policy, turning the sanitary district into a subdistrict municipality in 1999, and creating the TAO Pa Ko Dam in 1996. This additional local government unit thus covered the remaining area of the subdistrict - which is cut into two halves by the municipality.

Boundary as of 1992
This bisection of the TAO has now been changed, the whole eastern part of the TAO - mostly mountainous areas east of the river Maenam Lao - has been added to the municipality, leaving the more populous western part to the TAO. According to the meeting transcript of meeting 55/2012 on August 27, this affects the administrative village (Muban) 12 and parts of Muban 7 and 8, but sadly doesn't mention the population numbers.

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