Thursday, November 8, 2012

Muban rename in Chiang Rai

Today, the rename of the administrative village number 11 in Chedi Luang subdistrict, Mae Suai district, Chiang Rai was announced in the Royal Gazette. The rename was approved on August 9 in meeting 4/2555 of the board to consider name changes, and one month later on September 19 signed by Chiang Rai vice governor Surachai Linthong (สุรชัย ลิ้นทอง).

The village was originally named Ban Pa Tueng Ngam (บ้านป่าตึงงาม) - though the TAO website lists it without the final "Ngam" - and was created between 1998 and 2005. It is now renamed to Ban Mai Saeng Kaeo (บ้านใหม่แสงแก้ว). The rename was done due to the fact that village 1 of the subdistrict is also named Pa Tueng Ngam. Since the creation of village 11 was done before the Muban creations have been published in the Royal Gazette, I can only guess that village 11 was created by splitting off a part of village 1.

On the TAO website I also found the full order by the province administration as sent to the TAO administration, including on page three the scan of the original of what is now published in the Royal Gazette.

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