Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DOPA entity numbers 2012

The Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) has added the numbers of administrative subdivisions as of December 31 2011 to their website. According to that list, Thailand now has
  • 76 provinces
  • 878 districts (not including those within Bangkok)
  • 7255 subdistricts (not including those within Bangkok)
  • 74956 administrative villages
  • 2082 municipalities - 27 cities, 155 towns and 1900 subdistrict municipalities
  • 5693 subdistrict administrative organizations (TAO)
  • 2 special administrative areas (Bangkok and Pattaya)
  • 76 provincial administrative organizations (PAO)
Compared with last year, the only change for the central administrative units was the creation of one administrative village. But since the above numbers are as of December 31, this cannot be the new village in Yala announced earlier this year, as that became effective January 17. So it looks like another village creation was done, but not announced (yet).

Of course, the bigger change was within the municipality numbers, but thanks to the documents from the Department of Local Administration I should have my data current for these already.

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