Monday, March 5, 2012

New Muban in Yala

Last week, the creation of a new administrative village in Yala province was published in the Royal Gazette. The announcement was signed on January 17 by the province governor and became effective the same day. Interestingly, this has been the first new Muban for almost 2 years, the last one was in March 2009 in Surin. hus, if there haven't been new Muban already created but not yet published in the Gazette, this Muban is number 74,456 nationwide - the latest number I know was from March 2011 when there were 74,455 Muban [DOPA entity statistics 2010].

The new village named Ban Chulabhorn Phatthana (บ้านจุฬาภรณ์พัฒนา) is village number 11 of Bala subdistrict, Kabang district, and has been carved out of village 3, Ban Hin Luk Chang (บ้านหินลูกช้าง). The announcement includes the definition of the boundary, however as usual no map, so I could only place the markers defined by the MGRS coordinate into a map - the actual boundary line following some natural boundaries in between these fixed markers is much more difficult to reconstruct from the announcement. But even with just this definition of the boundaries the shape of the new muban shows to be somewhat strange - it borders village 3 to the west, north and east, and that area remaining within village 3 west and north of the new village seems rather narrow. In the map below, I have tried to illustrate this, but as mentioned the actual boundary between the markers is just a rough guess by myself and may be completely nonsense as well.

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