Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New license plate graphics

Yesterday, a new version of the car license plate graphic for the province Buriram was published in the Royal Gazette. The graphic shows the Khmer temple of Phanom Rung, one of eight historical parks in Thailand. If comparing it with the original graphic announced in 2006 [Gazette], the main difference is that now the rainbow now spreads over the complete building, whereas originally it was only in the left half.
Buriram 2006
Buriram 2012
Together with this announcement, I noticed that I had missed four more similar announcements in the last four months. I have added all these to the license plate Picasa webalbum - which however is still incomplete, I haven't yet extracted and cut all the graphics from the PDF files.
  • Surin, announced in January [Gazette], updating the graphic from 2006 [Gazette]. In fact, both graphics are almost identical, the graphics in the two announcements only differ in the color saturation.
  • Sakon Nakhon, announced in November [Gazette], a completely new design compared with the one from 2006 [Gazette].
  • Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, announced in November [Gazette], changing the design from 2006 [Gazette] by adding an industrial estate at the bottom right, and a second flower to the right.
  • Mukdahan, also announced in November [Gazette], the first graphic for this province published in the Gazette. Would be interesting to know if there were no graphic license plates in this province so far, or if the publication in the Gazette was just omitted.

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