Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Province creation draft laws

While looking for news on the proposed province of Fang, I stumbled on a tweet mention not just this but a total of five proposed new provinces
5 ร่าง พ.ร.บ. ในสภา : พ.ร.บ.จัดตั้งจังหวัดธนบุรี , จังหวัดมีนบุรี, จังหวัดพระนารายณ์, จังหวัดฝาง และ จังหวัดสว่างแดนดิน
It turns out, that the parliament is currently considering or will soon consider draft laws on these five proposals, none of them approved by the cabinet yet. But for each I was able to find a document on the parliament website with many details on the proposals. Most interesting are the proposals to create Thonburi and Minburi province, splitting off those areas most badly hit by last years flooding from the jurisdiction of Bangkok special administrative area (BMA). Even though these areas are somewhat different from the central part of Bangkok, splitting them into separate provinces will only make any coordinated development planning in the huge city more difficult - to me it would even make more sense to incorporate Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi into Bangkok like it was during World War II. Even though the partial rollback of decentralization by weakening BMA probably will attract some interest in certain circles of politicians, I have strong doubts that these two provinces will become reality.

In detail, the five provinces under discussion are:
  • Fang province (จังหวัดฝาง), covering the districts Fang, Mae Ai and Chai Prakan of Chiang Mai province [Draft law]
  • Phra Narai (จังหวัดพระนารายณ์), splitting the east of Lopburi province covering the districts Khok Charoen, Chai Badan, Tha Luang, Phatthana Nikhom, Lam Sonthi Sa Bot and Mong Muang, with the center at Chai Badan. Actually, a proposal floating around for many years already - it even already has an entry on the Thai Wikipedia. [Draft law]
  • Sawang Daen Din (จังหวัดสว่างแดนดิน), splitting the districts Sawang Daen Din, Seka and Bung Khla from Sakon Nakhon province - which looks like a nonsense proposal, as Seka and Bung Khla are in Bueng Kan province, and even don't border Sawang Daen Din. A little later in the rationale for the draft law, even more districts of Bueng Kan are listed, but still not connecting with the main district. [Draft law]
  • Thonburi (จังหวัดธนบุรี), covering the districts Thonburi, Bangkok Yai, Khlong Sam, Taling Chan, Bangkok Noi, Bang Khun Thian, Phasi Charoen, Nong Khaem, Rat Burana, Bang Phlat, Chom Thong, Bang Khae, Thawi Watthana, Thung Khru and Bang Bon - thus all the districts west of the Chao Phraya, the area which was Thonburi district until its merger with Pha Nakhon in 1972. [Draft law]
  • Minburi (จังหวัดมีนบุรี), covering the districts Min Buri, Nong Chok, Khlong Sam Wa, Bang Khen, Sai Mai, Don Mueang, and Lak Si. Only roughly the area which the historical Min Buri province had until it was incorporated into Phra Nakhon in 1932. [Draft law]


Ian said...

To my thinking, none of these five proposed provinces seem justified. Certainly, rather than a new province of Fang, a new province centred around Mae Sai would make better sense. Similarly, a new province of Mae Sot would recognise the growing importance of cross border trade. Having visited both recently I have seen that they are busy areas.
Of course, a new province of Pattaya seems an appealing idea.

Anonymous said...

For the matter relating to Thonburi and Minburi separation from BKK, it has a lot to do with politicking - along with the BKK factions within Phua Thai - Ai Chaloem want to control Thonburi while Ee Sudarat want to keep her stronghold in Eastern BKK Suburbs to her men and Minburi Province is one of their - to take a way Democrat strength at all cost.

Furthermore, Thoburi people have inferior complex to the point that the merging of BKk and Thoburi by the Coup Decree in 1971-72 was so abominable that it should never be at the first place.