Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Municipal upgrades

Three municipalities upgrades were published in the Royal Gazette last week.
Sadly, only the announcement on Mueang Pak contains the boundary definition and the map, so I was only able to get the location of the municipality office for Mueang Pak. Though actually it probably won't be much help for Tha Mai, as the office seems to be located near the district office in the middle of the town, and none of the buildings around there looks like a more representative office building. And for Sakon Nakhon I already has the location in my XML.


Anonymous said...

Well, according to Sakhon Nakhon City, the area will cover all parts of Tambon That Choengchum so no need to make a further definition on the boundary of Sakon Nakhon City.

For the case of Tha Mai Town Municipality, it will cover Tambon Tha Mai and Tambon Yai Rah since 1940, so no need to make a further definition on the boundary of Tha Mai Municipality

Andreas Hörstemeier said...

Yes, there is no real need to add the definition of the boundaries, but in past most of the municipal upgrades did include this definition, even when no boundary change was done. The boundary definition isn't part of the announcement itself, it is just an appendix, which can be seen by the fact that the pages of this appendix aren't numbered.