Monday, May 9, 2011

District officer transfer

Last week the anticipated district officer reshuffle was done, with the new appointments effective May 2nd. I have found lists with all the new assignments at the website, a special website from the Department of Provincial Administration for their Human resource management.

The transfers are split into three categories:
  • 27 district officer moves [List]
  • 95 promotions [List] - these are also transfers from one district office to another, but to one with a higher level in the hierarchy.
  • 2 acting officers move to new permanent positions [List]
The lists are not that exciting, but quite notable is the reaction of a few affected officers.
Department director-general Mongkol Surasajja on Wednesday signed an order transferring district chiefs and division directors, but some district chiefs will likely disobey the edict and are unlikely to report for their new assignments. There was also a question of whether Mr Mongkol had the authority to issue any directives. That is because the Office of the Civil Service Commission's merit system protection committee had earlier ordered the interior permanent secretary to cancel Mr Mongkol's appointment as chief of the department, which oversees local bodies. Source: Bangkok Post, May 6 2011, "District chiefs refuse transfer orders"
While there is no list of those who openly refuse the order, I would suspect these are mostly among those 27 transferred. And they must be betting of an election win for Phuea Thai, as otherwise they will have problems with their further career in the bureaucracy for sure.

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