Friday, May 20, 2011

Interview in ThaiZeit

My posting on the Wikipedia anniversary had caught the interest of one of the writers of the German language magazine Thaizeit published in Bangkok. He was doing an article on blogs, showcasing the most fascinating or readable ones like the ones authored by Richard Barrow or Bkk Greg, and since he thought the story behind my blog and the odd topic to be interesting he asked me for an email interview.

Only knowing the so-called newspapers spread to tourists or expats in Hua Hin or Pattaya I was a bit skeptical about it, but after looking at the website - where one can see the complete current issue of the printed magazine - I found that the content is much better than what I expected. And the website even has many more articles from older issues or which haven't been published yet, so it is definitely worth visiting for anyone speaking German. I just miss some RSS feeds, so I can easier find out about new content in my fields of interest.

Though neither the blog article nor the interview hasn't been published in the paper version yet - maybe the forthcoming June edition, then I can pick my proof copy personally in Bangkok - both are on their website for quite some time already. For those readers who cannot speak German, there's not much beyond what I wrote in January anyway. Quite notable is the headline which was chosen for the interview - "Einer muss den Job ja machen" (There needs to be someone to do that job), which quite nicely summarizes one of my motivations, the fact that there was a big void in the accessible information on the net on these topics.

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