Monday, May 16, 2011

On the way to Bangkok

In the next three weeks I will be traveling in Thailand again. The blog won't be quiet, I have prepare some postings to be auto-published during my absence, and since I will have internet access I may post a few news or photo blog articles as well. But obviously the bigger issues like new announcements in the Royal Gazette will have to wait till I return home and have more time and resources.

I haven't packed the schedule of the trip much this time, only want to check out the Ratchaburi National Museum by myself after Ian already spotted the interesting old provincial symbol there. As usual, if I come close to a district office or other administrative building I will catch it on photo. And also will try to visit few more of the district museums, but since I have done most of the one easily reachable ones already it won't be that many. Though not much likely to find anything on the blog topic, I'll visit several book stores as well adding new items to my library.

If any of my readers in Bangkok, Surat Thani or Phuket wants to meet me in person, just contact me and see if there'll be a chance to meet for a coffee, beer or whatever.

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Mike said...

Andy hope you have a great "busman's holiday."