Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thesaban subdivision "Khet"

So far I thought that the municipalities are always subdivided into boroughs (Chumchon, ชุมชน), and only very few large cities additionally have subdistricts (Khwaeng), for example Chiang Mai. But now while browsing through the local government entity websites in Uttaradit province, I noticed a strange new case.

The Pha Chuk subdistrict municipality (เทศบาลตำบลผาจุก), Mueang Uttaradit district, on their website lists two districts (Khet, เขต), into which the villages are sorted. The TAO Pha Chuk was upgraded in 2007, so it for sure isn't a big municipality two have a more complicate subdivision. The districts are as follows
  • Khet 1 (เขต 1), 8 villages
    • Mu 1 Ban Wang Yang (หมู่ที่ 1 บ้านวังยาง)
    • Mu 2 Ban Wang Yang (หมู่ที่ 2 บ้านวังยาง)
    • Mu 5 Ban Pha Chuk (หมู่ที่ 5 บ้านผาจุก)
    • Mu 6 Ban Mon Mai (หมู่ที่ 6 บ้านหมอนไม้)
    • Mu 10 Ban Mon Hin Khao (หมู่ที่ 10 บ้านม่อนหินขาว)
    • Mu 12 Ban Daeng Long (หมู่ที่ 12 บ้านแดงหลง)
    • Mu 13 Ban Hat Fang (หมู่ที่ 13 บ้านหาดฝาง)
    • Mu 14 Ban Wang Yang (หมู่ที่ 14 บ้านวังยาง)
  • Khet 2 (เขต 2), 6 villages
    • Mu 3 Ban Phra Fang (หมู่ที่ 3 บ้านพระฝาง)
    • Mu 4 Ban Phra Fang (หมู่ที่ 4 บ้านพระฝาง)
    • Mu 7 Ban Khlong Na Phong (หมู่ที่ 7 บ้านคลองนาพง)
    • Mu 8 Ban Pha Chak (หมู่ที่ 8 บ้านผาจักร)
    • Mu 9 Ban Nong Bua (หมู่ที่ 9 บ้านหนองบัว)
    • Mu 11 Ban Den Kratai (หมู่ที่ 11 บ้านเด่นกระต่าย)
Sadly the map they have on their website does not allow to read the Muban numbers, but from the fact that the Nan river cuts the subdistrict into two halves it would only be logical that the two Khet are in fact the area north and south of the river. I am also not sure if these Khet are in fact just the two electorate districts, yet these are normally named เขตเลือกตั้ง.


Brian said...

I'm glad you pointed out that subdistricts in Chiang Mai (city?) are referred to as แขวง as I always thought this term was reserved for subdistricts in Bangkok only. Indeed, that was exactly what I was told by a good Thai friend a few years ago.

Andy said...

You can see the Khwaeng of Chiang Mai in this map. The other city which has Khwaeng is Nonthaburi. However I have no idea what are the tasks of these Khwaeng, or how they are administrated. But they are probably different from the Khwaeng in Bangkok.