Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vacation time

I will travel to Thailand end of this week, and will be underway for four weeks and won't be online often then. But this does not mean the blog will be quiet for one month, I have prepared some postings which will get published automatically during my absence. Just eventual announcements of new Royal Gazette publications will probably have to wait till my return, just hope there won't do that many. Also the news from the board meeting transcripts will have to wait till my return, but I have prepared several summaries of those from the past months which were not included in the fiscal year 2549 list, which will also get automatically published during my absence. And of course I will try to collect new material for new postings, especially browsing through the book stores.

Coincidentally during my vacation the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will held the press conference announcing details on their Wikimission. At first the press conference was planned on a date when I will not be in Bangkok, but they just sent me an invitation for the 31st of March, so I will now be able to join as well. Additionally, I will meet with the company doing the internet presentation of TAT, who also supervise this Wikimission. It will definitely be something worth reporting here, so stay tuned.

I also plan to visit some of the district museums in Bangkok, and will also try to get more photos of district offices or other administrative buildings to present here. Maybe even some more city pillar shrines. But don't know yet, there are no real fixed travel plans yet, I only know I will stay in Bangkok and Surat Thani for some time each. But I am quite sure I will find some new places to put in my travel blog at least.

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