Wednesday, March 19, 2008 hacked again

Again the website has been hacked, now while the site loads it redirects to another website claiming that your computer is infected with troyan and virus - and to make it worse at least in FireFox it's impossible to get out of the message boxes and to use the browser again have kill the process in the taskmanager. But of course it is not your computer which is infected, it is the website which has been defaced to lure innocent users to buy that overpriced anti-virus product. So be very careful when trying to use for information right now, or switch off JavaScript completely. In the bottom of the HTML source code one can find the culprit

iframe src="http://x*" width=1 height=1 frameborder=0

Unlike last time, now the main.php was attacked, so everyone will gets to this bad website.

Also when using Google, quite often Thai websites show that extra warning Google now adds in case it can find malware in the website. Another thing I notice quite regularly are the websites with forums, where the forum is full of spam posts and nothing else, and no admin takes care if it for months. I don't know if Thai websites are hacked more often the target than others, or if they stay unfixed for longer than usual, but these hacks are really getting annoying.

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