Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New administrative village in Ratchaburi

Last week, another newly created administrative village (Muban) was announced in the Royal Gazette, this time Mu 16 of Pak Chong subdistrict, Chom Bueng district, Ratchaburi was split off from Mu 8 (Ban Nong Phai, บ้านหนองไผ่). The newly established village is named Ban Nong Ta On (บ้านหนองตาอ้น). The announcement became effective on December 15, and same as the new Muban in Phichit it was created by the ministerial order มท ๐๓๑๐.๑/ว ๗๔๖๕. Sadly the ministerial orders of the Ministry of Interior aren't available online, so I don't know if there were any further villages created together with these two.

Strangely, all the coordinates given in the announcement seem to be wrong, as my algorithm translates e.g. NQ ๑๕๑๕๕๖๕๒ to 13.1752° N 99.1398° E - within the mountains near the boundary to Myanmar. But as the new village is located at the border towards Potharam district, I would expect MGRS coordinates starting with NR, a different UTM square. Thus I cannot create a map with the boundary this time.

Also interesting, it seems that several of the Mubanin Pak Chong were renamed relatively recently. In the 1997 boundary definition [Gazette], Mu 8 was named Ban Nong Krut (บ้านหนองกรูด), even the postcode list at noplink still lists the old name - comparing with the Muban list by the TAO website also Mu 1 and 5 had been renamed.

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