Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Entity numbers as of December 2015

The Department of Provincial Administration has announced the number of administrative subdivisions as of December 31st and the population. As I already mentioned the latest population figures here, below is just the list of subdivision types - in brackets the numbers from the 2015 report if numbers differ.

  • Changwat: 76
  • Amphoe: 878
  • Tambon: 7255
  • Muban: 74965
  • PAO: 76
  • Thesaban: 2441 (2440)
    • Thesaban Nakhon: 30
    • Thesaban Mueang: 198 (196)
    • Thesaban Tambon: 2233 (2234)
  • TAO: 5334 (5335)
The only difference is in the local administrative units, and the three entities which changed status are Pa Sak in Phetchabun upgraded from TAO the Thesaban Tambon, and Lom Raet in Lampang and Taluban in Pattani upgraded from Thesaban Tambon to Thesaban Mueang (see here). Interestingly, the newly created Muban in December are not included, though 11 of those became effective before December 31st, the date of the list.

Comparing with the numbers in my XML files, there is still the strange discrepancy in the Tambon numbers, with Pak Phanang subdistrict not counted though it is still included in the population data. The number of Muban I have is 75201, which includes the 21 recently created Muban. Thus there are 215 Muban in my lists which DOPA does not count anymore, probably because they now have no headmen anymore because of being in a city or town municipality

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