Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New administrative village in Phichit

Last week, the creation of a new administrative village (Muban) in Phichit province was announced in the Royal Gazette. Signed by the province governor on December 30 and published February 4th, it became effective the day after publication. Unless there were announcements which didn't make it to the Royal Gazette, this was the first new Muban since January 2014.

Mu 2 of Nong Sano subdistrict (ตำบลหนองโสน), Sam Ngam district was split, the northern part making up the new Mu 20. As both Mu 2 and Mu 20 cover the central settlement of Nong Sano, both are named Ban Nong Sano (บ้านหนองโสน). The announcement includes the boundary definition of both the newly created as well as the modified Muban, which I have tried to translate into a little map. The boundary is defined by some fixed points and a natural boundary between them, however not in all cases I could find such a natural boundary, so I just draw a straight line instead. Sadly the website of the TAO Nong Sano is no longer online, and the interesting pages aren't archived in archive.org, so I cannot check if there are any detailed information on the original size of the Muban - but with those boundaries I draw Google Maps calculated that Mu 20 covers an area of 4.8 km², and Mu 2 now covers 3.9 km².

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