Friday, September 21, 2012

Graphical license plate for Narathiwat

Yesterday the car license plate graphic for the province Narathiwat was announced in the Royal Gazette. As Narathiwat is located at the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the symbolism of the sea and the typical Malay style boat in the graphic is obvious. However, I have no idea what is the symbolism of the branch with the three-colored leaves to the right - they look like Lotus leaves, definitely neither the leaves of the provincial tree Neobalanocarpus heimii nor the provincial flower Odontadenia macrantha.

What is interesting is that unlike the other graphical license plates announced recently, in this case it is not a new version of an already existing graphic - so far Narathiwat did not have any graphical license plaes. Or to be more exact, there was none announced in the Royal Gazette so far, not sure if the car registration office in Narathiwat used one before which was not officially announced. There are only very few provinces which have no such graphic announced yet - Bueng Kan as the most recently created province, Amnat Charoen, Mae Hong Son, Nong Bua Lamphu, Ranong, Samut Songkhram, Trat and Yala. And there is also the special case of Betong district in Narathiwat, which has a separate car registration, and thus might have a graphical license plate someday. Or it may now use the one from Narathiwat province.

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