Friday, September 28, 2012

Province governor reshuffle 2012 delayed

On October 1st, a total of 19 province governors are set to retire, not sure if this number already includes the four province governor posts which become vacant due to the already approved promotions of governors. However, to be effective on October 1st, the reshuffle list would have to be considered and approved in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday - but it wasn't placed on the agenda because the Interior Minister did not attend the meeting. In fact, he was even slated to chair the meeting since the Prime Minister was at the United Nations and thus not available.
However, the Mr Yongyuth skipped the meeting and assigned Deputy PM Chalerm Yoobamrung to chair the Cabinet session instead.
The meeting lasted only 45 minutes and did not consider the annual reshuffle of provincial governors as Mr Yongyuth had planned.
Phuket Gazette, Phuket Vice Governor to take the big chair on October 1, 2012-09-27
One could speculate that maybe the reshuffle list wasn't yet approved by Thaksin, but it seems the more obvious reason came public today. Interior Minister Yongyuth resigned as he was recently found guilty in a corruption case dating ten years back, but which was amnestied in 2007 already.
Mr Yongyuth sent a signal that he might resign when he did not attend the cabinet meeting on Tuesday. His move came after the opposition threatened to censure him.
Bangkok Post, Yongyuth resigns from cabinet, 2012-09-28
Thus until a new Interior Minister is in office, there are only unofficial reshuffle lists circulating, and the 19 provinces will be lead by one of their deputy province governors as acting governor.

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