Thursday, September 20, 2012

Final set of provincial seal stamps

Last week the final set of the stamp series with the provincial emblems was announced in the Royal Gazette, published on September 14, signed on July 23, but already effective June 28 when the stamps were first sold.

This final 7th set of stamps now includes the provinces at the end of the Thai alphabet, and additionally Bueng Kan as that province did not exist yet when the set with alphabetical sorting was at the letter . Thus the provinces this time are Ang Thong, Udon Thani, Uttaradit, Uthai Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, Amnat Charoen and Bueng Kan. But since these are only seven emblems and like all previous sets ten stamps are issued together, three additional motives at to be found. While I would have preferred historical emblems no longer in use - for example the provinces Phra Nakhon, Thonburi or those in the occupied areas during World War II - instead the three national symbols were chosen.

However it seems I have a lot of bad luck with collecting items on the administrative subdivisions. When my wife purchased this miniature sheet, the one published summer last year was no longer available - but since my last trip to Thailand was earlier that year I now have one sheet missing in my collection. Strangely, almost all of the older sheets were also still available. I hope it was just temporarily out of stock at the central post office and I can get it next year, but if anyone can get me one before I'd be grateful.

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