Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two more new municipalities

Last Friday, the upgrade of two TAO to subdistrict municipalities was announced in the Royal Gazette.
Interestingly, both announcement were just signed last month, so unlike previous municipal upgrades they were published much faster. In fact even so fast that for Nong Bua Tai the announcement states that it will be effective October 1st, thus it got published even before it became effective. Compare this with the upgrade announcements from February, which were published more than a year after they were signed and became effective.

As the upgrade of Rusa Milae already happened, the list of municipal changes for fiscal year 2011 must have been preliminary, as that list only included changes till June. I only hope now all of the upgrades get into the Gazette that fast, as without the board meeting transcripts timely announcements help a lot to keep up to date.

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