Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Tambon renamed

Yesterday the renaming of two subdistricts was announced in the Royal Gazette.
  • Thung Pi, Mae Wang district, Chiang Mai has been renamed to Thung Pi. Sounds strange - because the actual change is lost in the romanization, in Thai script the change is also just subtle but notable - ทุ่งปี้ as become ทุ่งปี๊. The tone mark on the last consonant has changed from a "mai tho" to a "mai tri", change the tone of the "pi" from falling to high. I would normally call this a change of spelling, but the announcement is titled "เปลี่ยนแปลงชื่อตำบล", change of name of subdistrict. Interestingly, even though the TAO hasn't been officially renamed yet, a Google search for "องค์การบริหารส่วนตำบลทุ่งปี๊" returns 86 results already, compared to 1530 with the old spelling. But apparently the TAO has no website currently.
  • Kham Rian (ตำบลขามเรียน), Yang Si Surat district, Maha Sarakham has been renamed to Sang Saeng (ตำบลสร้างแซ่ง). Village 5 of the subdistrict is named Sang Saeng, but none is named Kham Rian, so the new name is obviously more fitting, A closer look shows that there is a village named Kham Rian in Nong Bua subdistrict of Phayakkhaphum Phisai, and both Nong Bua and Sang Saeng had been split off from Mek Dam subdistrict. Taking a deeper look into the Royal Gazette announcements dealing with these subdistrict, the reason for the name change became clear. Kham Rian subdistrict took the name from the village Kham Rian when it was created in 1963 [Gazette], but however this specific village was taken away in 1990 [Gazette] and returned back to Mek Dam, and finally in 1992 it became part of the newly created subdistrict Nong Bua [Gazette].

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