Friday, February 25, 2011

Municipality office disappeared

When I was visited Phra Pathom Chedi in the center of Nakhon Pathom town, I used the chance to walk around and take photos of the administrative offices around. Whereas the district office and the provincial court were easy to find. As the province hall is now located outside city, the only other building I was after was the office of the municipality Nakhon Pathom (เทศบาลนครนครปฐม), which was shown on maps directly next to the Phra Pathom Chedi.

But when I walked there, I only saw an empty lot, only the flag and the sign at the fence reminded that there was something in that place before. Only the foundations of the building were still visible. Which got me rather by surprise, as at that time in Google Earth the building was still well visible, only recently new imaginary was added which shows the space vacated. Thanks to the timeline feature in Google Earth I can say that the building was there in January 2006, and was completely gone in December 2009.

When I later checked the website of the city, the small notice at bottom confirmed the move - it says สำนักงานชั่วคราว (meaning temporary office) at Municipal School 3 โรงเรียนเทศบาล3, southwest of Phra Pathom Chedi at Ratchawithi Soi 7. I haven't yet able to find out why the old building was torn down, if it was maybe damaged beyond repair in a fire, or simply became to small already, and also don't know when (or maybe if already) the building of a new office will start.

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