Monday, October 11, 2010

DOLA municipal statistics 2010

The Thai fiscal year has just ended on September 30, and few days later the Department of Local Administration (DOLA) already made the latest lists of municipalities, TAO and the status and name changes online. Most notably is the fact that there are 320 TAO upgrades to subdistrict municipalities, but in fact 319 of these upgrades were already listed in one file published last December at the same location - only the upgrade of Thung Khli is new. Therefore the at least 161 lost upgrades were obviously really delayed for four year, as by now the new council must have been elected and thus begun their new four year term.

The updated number of different local government units as of September 30 2010 are as following.
  • Provincial administrative organizations (PAO): 75
  • Municipalities: 2008
    • City municipalities: 25
    • Town municipalities: 142
    • Subdistrict municipalities: 1841
  • Subdistrict administrative organizations (TAO): 5767
  • Special administrative areas: 2
In case anyone wants to work through the files himself, there are the following:

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