Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surat Thani PAO chairman by-elections

I wrote about it in February that the chairman of the Surat Thani provincial administrative organization (PAO) Thani Thaugsuban (นายธานี เทือกสุบรรณ) was forced to step down after receiving a yellow card for irregularities in his election campaign. Since then it was quiet about the issue, so I already wondered if I might have missed the elections altogether, but now I can found a news release titled EC will not postpone by-election in Surat Thani by the National News Bureau of Thailand. This confirms that the yellow card was confirmed, and the by-election will take place within 45 days after the court finally issues the verdict, but there is no date fixed yet.
The Election Commission (EC) rejects a request for a delay to a by-election in Surat Thani province and will arrange the election within 45 days after a court issued an order to organize the election.

Election Commissioner Sodsri Sattayatham said that the commission's weekly meeting today focused on the request filed by former executive of the Surat Thani Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) Thanee Thaugsuban, a brother of Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban. Ms. Sodsri said the court had upheld the EC's decision to yellow card Mr. Thanee in the last Surat Thani PAO's election and the EC would hold the by-election within 45 days as there were no viable reasons for the delay to the election. However, Ms. Sodsri said the commission had yet to set a date for the election.

Ms. Sodsri remarked that the court's verdict was final and could not be revoked.

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