Thursday, January 3, 2008

Administration of Siam 1904, Part 1

The first part of the section Administration, Chapter II (The Government) of the book "The Kingdom of Siam 1904", Pages 11 to 13.

However it seems I was a it to hasty to declare the book to be in Public Domain already. At least one of the named authors, William Armstrong (W.A.) Graham lived till 1949, so it will take till 2020 that the 70 years after his death are reached. But quoting this section, which has no named author and was probably written by the editor Cecil Carter himself, should no be any problem.

The Ministry of the Interior
The administration of the country was formerly divided between the three Ministers, the Minister for Civil Affairs and the Minister for Military Affairs, with the Minister of the Treasury as Governor-General.

But in 1894 the internal administration was reorganized and the whole of the country placed under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior (Mahathai) with the exception of the capital and surrounding provinces, which is administered by the Ministry of Local Government.
At the head of the Interior Administration is the Minister appointed by the King with a seat in the Cabinet; he is assisted by a Vice-Minister, who, however, holds no seat in the Cabinet.
The ancient provinces, whilst retaining their boundaries, are now grouped together into Monthons or Circles under High Commissioners, who are appointed by the King, but act under the orders of the Ministry of the Interior.

The administrative staff of a monthon comprises
The High Commissioner or Governor-General.
The Deputy Commissioner or Deputy Governor-General.
The Chief Law Officer.
The Assistant Commissioner.
The Chief Revenue Officer.
The Commandant of the Gendarmerie.
The Chief Treasury Officer.
The Chief Public Works Officer.
The Inspector of Jails.
The Secretary of the High Commissioner.
The Assistant Inspectors.
The administration of each province comprises
The Governor.
The Deputy Governor.
The Public Prosecutor.
The Treasury Officer.
The Revenue Officer.
The Gendarmerie Officer.

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