Tuesday, October 24, 2017

WikidataCon 2017

Next weekend I'll attend the first Wikidata conference in Berlin, and despite being active for 14 years on Wikipedia now its the first ever conference on Wikipedia I'll visit. It was my Wikipedia editing which made me get into this obscure topic, and since I now mostly edit on Wikidata to give the data I collected more publicity, this conference sounded like something very interesting. The reason why I mention it here - I also opted to give a talk on my experiences with sharing my data on Wikidata.

As I could only get into one of the 10 minute Lightning Talk slots, my presentation certainly can't get deep into the specialties of the administrative structure, especially as the main topic is supposed to be Wikidata. My slides are already prepared,so you are welcome to take a view before. The talk will be recorded, I will post the link to the video next week then.

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