Thursday, October 19, 2017

New ccaatt geocodes

Not only did the DOPA statistics page get a facelift - including a double spelling mistake "Official Statstics Registration Sytstems" - but also the geocode lists were updated a second time this year. Now the new subdistrict of Bangkok are included - funnily all the codes I added temporarily into my XML were actually the final ones - and also some further municipalities now have a code. Unlike the previous update, the codes deleted in the ccaatt table were all added again.

Central administrative codes

From ccaatt Excel sheet
Oddly, the two new subdistricts of Saphan Sung were forgotten. There are also no codes prepared for planned new districts in Yala yet.

Local administrative codes

From rcode Excel sheet
My usual comment to these municipal codes - the current coding scheme cannot cover all the municipalities, internally in my software I already use the one I proposed some years ago, and it works fine.

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