Friday, January 6, 2017

Population statistics 2016 available

Already on January 2nd, the DOPA statistics website did show the registration data as of December 31, 2016 down to subdistrict level. According to these data, the population increased in 2016 by 202,452 citizen, a growth of 0.31%. To make the registration data more accessible, I have created an online sheet with the data from 1993 till 2016 for every the province, the same amount of detail which will be published later in the Royal Gazette.

One observation is that the provinces around Bangkok grew by 1 to 2 percent, the largest increase in Samut Sakhon, whereas Bangkok itself had a small decrease in population. The only other province with a significant growth was Phuket. However, as usual, the caveat is that this is the registration data, which not necessarily means the actual population number as especially migrant workers from the poorer provinces who work around Bangkok often keep their registration in their home province - the reason why the census results differ significantly from the registration data. But if keeping that in mind, one might do some nice analysis with the data in the above spreadsheet.

The population growth for the whole country is slowly decreasing, as can be seen by the below chart. Note I have omitted the number from 2004, when apparently a data cleanup was done which caused a decrease by almost 2%.

The data not yet updated is the population by age, and the table with marriages, divorces, child acknowledges, adoptions and dissolved adoptions, and foreign family status registrations. I'll add those to the XML file once I notice them becoming available.

I have already started to add the new population data to the various items on WikiData, from the country down to district level so far. I still have to look into an issue with the municipal population however before being able to cover all administrative units.

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