Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rename of Muban in Nakhon Sawan

Earlier today, the change of name of one administrative village in Nakhon Sawan was announced in the Royal Gazette. Mu 5 of Yang Tan subdistrict, Khok Phra district, was renamed from Ban Ta Nio (บ้านตานิว) to Ban Yang Tan (บ้านยางตาล). The name change was approved by the board to consider name changes in their meeting 1/2559 on April 29 - sadly no transcript or summary of these board meetings is available online.

Interestingly, in my XML I already had the new name, probably copied from the website of Yang Tan subdistrict administrative organization. Checking the other sources I used to compile my Muban list, it showed that the postcode list at noplink had the original name, and also back in 1997 when the subdistrict boundaries were defined officially that Muban was listed as Ban Ta Nio [Gazette].

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