Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My @amphoe collection

Some of the souvenirs I brought back from my recent visit in Thailand was the completion of my @amphoe collection. When I visited last year, the first issue was just out and the second came out while I still was in Thailand. Thanks to my brother in law, I did not miss the issues published in the meantime - he went to the province hall in Surat Thani every two months to collect one magazine for me. Even though the magazine is also available online - and even available online before the print version comes out - I am old-fashioned and still like to have the paper version as well, and now I have all seven issue published so far.

And even more special is the shirt - when we picked issue number two last year,  my family noticed a competition on the back-side of the magazine and directly my mother-in-law posed in front of the province hall with the magazine in hand. And she won and got that shirt for reward and gave it to me, as I am the one who is crazy about the Amphoe...

I will certainly keep on checking their Facebook page for the next issues, even though I can only read the small bilingual section that always contains some interesting facts. And hope next year I will be able to show an even larger collection.

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