Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rename of Muban in Phayao

Today the change of the name of one administrative village in Phayao was announced in the Royal Gazette. Village 6 of Sa subdistrict, Chiang Muan district was renamed from Ban Lai (บ้านหล่าย) to Ban Tha Fa Lai (บ้านท่าฟ้าหล่าย). This change was approved by the board to consider name changes in its second meeting this year on June 23, and the announcement was then signed by the province governor on July 29. As the rationale for the change the announcement states that the new name better fits the history of the village, as it was created by splitting off area from the village Ban Tha Fa Nuea (Village 1) and Ban Tha Fa Tai (Village 2).

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