Thursday, May 16, 2013

Changwat Bua Yai in discussion

Khun Wisarut from the 2bangkok forum has posted some news about the re-emergence of the plan to split off some part of Nakhon Ratchasima province. Since Khorat is such a big province, both by area (20494 km², the largest of all provinces) and by population, with 2.6 million it is second after Bangkok. And also by the number of districts it would make sense to split off some of the 32 districts to make a new province.

The situation is quite opposite with Ubon Ratchathani - whereas Khorat was never changed since its creation as Boriwen Nakhon Ratchasima in 1899 [Gazette], Ubon Ratchathani was split twice.
Without these changes, Ubon would be larger than Khorat both by area and by population. Of course there were plans to split off parts of Khorat in past, the one most advanced was the 1955 plan to split off Bua Yai and Phutthaisong from Buriram to make a new province to be named Pathom Thong, which however was halted after the 1957 coup. The latest attempt was now started by Phuea Thai MP Koson Patthama (นายโกศล ปัทมะ) from Nakhon Ratchasima constituency 5, which includes Bua Yai district. There is however a significant opposition to this plan, most significantly by local patriots who worry about the unity of their historical heritage. To get an idea of whether this plan would make sense or not it would be great to have a scientific study on the effects creation of Amnat Charoen province, but at least in English there seem to be nothing like that.

A one-hour TV discussion was uploaded to YouTube, but my Thai is way to bad to follow any of it.
The new province is supposed to include eight districts, all of them were originally part of the district Bua Yai (อำเภอบัวใหญ่).
  • 1939: Khong (อำเภอคง) split from Bua Yai [Gazette].
  • 1957: Prathai (อำเภอประทาย) split from Bua Yai [Gazette].
  • 1961: Non Daeng (อำเภอโนนแดง) was split from Prathai [Gazette].
  • 1976: Ban Lueam (อำเภอบ้านเหลื่อม) split from Khong [Gazette].
  • 1986: Kaeng Sanam Nang (อำเภอแก้งสนามนาง) split from Bua Yai [Gazette]
  • 1997: Bua Lai (อำเภอบัวลาย, Gazette) and Sida (อำเภอสีดา, Gazette) were split from Bua Yai.
The province Bua Yai (จังหวัดบัวใหญ่) would cover 2149 km² (10.5% of the whole province) and 375,000 citizen (14% of whole province). It would thus fit with the conditions for creating a new province - but not sure if there would be a consensus of the population to establish this province.

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Now, Governor of Nakhon Ratchasima has told those who advocate the New province of Bua Ya as Suranaree Province that this is such a sensitive issue to the point that it need a consensus from all 32 districts to say YEAH to the movement for separating Bua Yai with the other 7 districts to form Bua Yai province ... and he disagree that once they have form a separated province, they have to return all the statue of Thao Suranaree back and they have no right to use the name "Suranaree province" - taking the case of the failure of creating Phra Narai province by separating Chai Badan district out of Lopburi as the case to point