Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New board meeting transcripts

Another batch of board meeting transcript has been uploaded to the website of the Legal Affairs Bureau at the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Interior. The details on each meeting concerning any municipal changes will be uploaded to the dedicated blog in the next days, depending on how much time I find to work through those lists. Thus below is just a concise summary of all those meeting which contain anything interesting.

The website with the transcripts (Board 1 and Board 2) have changed a bit with this update as well, as now not only the transcript but also the agenda (for forthcoming meetings) and additional documents are available for download - at least prepared as columns in the table, so far there are no additional documents yet.
  • Meeting 55 on 2012-08-01: four TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipalities [Transcript]
  • Meeting 56 on 2012-08-07: five TAO renamed and upgraded to subdistrict municipalites [Transcript]
  • Meeting 57 on 2012-08-08: five TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipalities [Transcript]
  • Meeting 58 on 212-08-21: six TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipalities [Transcript]
  • Meeting 55 (Board 1) on 2012-08-27: one TAO and municipality to adjust their boundary, and one TAO upgraded to a town [Transcript]
  • Meeting 63 on 2012-09-18: two TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipality, including one being renamed. [Transcript, Blog]
Additionally, the agenda of two forthcoming meetings contain relevant items as well.
  • Meeting 65 on 2012-10-16: two municipalities to modify their boundaries [Agenda]
  • Meeting 66 on 2012-10-17: one TAO to be upgraded to subdistrict municipality [Agenda]

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