Monday, June 11, 2012

Lot of new municipalities this year

This year a lot of TAO councils will end their four year term and thus there need to be election all parts of the country - in August this year 1,669 TAO out of the 5693 TAO it still had at January 1 this year, thus 30% of them. Thus after one quiet year, this year it will have a lot of TAO upgraded to subdistrict municipalities, especially as those TAO which end their term this year are those created in 1996, the first bunch of Tambon Councils converted to Tambon Administrative Organizations. As that first bunch covered the economically strongest Tambon, there will be a lot to qualify for a upgrade now. Luckily the board meeting transcripts are back, so I can get the news on the changes quite on time.

So far I was only checking the transcripts of board two, as that is the board which normally has the issues on the local administrative units on their agenda - and the transcript overview page also contains the agenda, so I don't have to look into the transcripts itself. But since today new transcripts of board one have been uploaded, I was looking into the latest ones and quickly discovered that now both boards have these upgrades on their agenda - there are simply to many to consider for one board. Looks like the municipal upgrades will now again take quite a part of my time, posting the summaries on the Thai municipal changes blog as well as keep my XML files and the spread sheet up to date.

And a strange this to note - when I mentioned the newly available transcripts I mentioned that for me the Word documents were easier to handle than the PDF files, where some encoding issues made much more difficult to do copy-and-paste. And now both for board one and board two all new transcripts were added as Word documents again. I wonder if I have a reader within that government office, or it was just a strange coincidence.

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