Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thai Fail blog

Thanon Phu Wa Nayok 2555In a special issue of my Thursday linkage, this time I link with three posting from the Thai fail blog. The Thai fail blog featurs more-or-less funny photos from Thailand - however most of them not understandable without a very good knowledge in Thai language. I even could contribute once myself. Recently, there were three postings there related to the topics I write about.
  • Somewhere in Aranyaprathet district, Sa Kaeo province, there is a road named ถนนผู้ว่าฯ นายกฯ 2555) - Province Governor, Mayor Road 2555. If reading the year number in a Thinglish way, it becomes "two ha ha ha". In other words - ludicrous politicians.
  • A village in Sisaket is named "Ban O Sabai" (บ้านโอว์สบาย), literally "village O comfortable". A village name which I would have not noticed in my lists of administrative villages, as apparently this village is only a satellite village, part of an administrative village with a different name.
    Ban O Sabai sign
  • I have no real idea what is the fail at this election poster, explaining in comic style how to vote for the mayor of ... Only guessing from the URL, it may make fun of the fact that on the ballot one has to use a X mark, all other kinds of marking your choice will make the ballot invalid.
    Election poster

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